Hard Probes 2016


The conference proceedings will be published in Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings by Elsevier.

Page Limits:

6 pages for plenary talks, 4 pages for parallel talks and the flash talks.

Submission Deadline:

December 16, 2016

Instructions for the preparation and submission:

1. To get a template, please download template file: ecrc-nppp-p1.zip

2. Unzip the file, if you browser doesn't do it automatically

3. The template you will edit is nppp-template.tex

4. Follow the instructions in the nppp-template.tex, and in the elsdoc.pdf files

5. Label your files:

(1) LastName_FirstInitial.XXX (with XXX=tex, bib, ..)

(2) Zip your files. Call this file: LastName_FirstInitial.zip

6. Send your zipped file to hp2016@mail.ccnu.edu.cn, with in the subject field: LastName_FirstInitial_Parallel (or LastName_FirstInitial_Plenary, as appropriate)

7. Keep in mind the page limit and the deadline!